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About Us

We at Indian Horizons offer the most efficient way to tour and explore the most beautiful continent of India whether it is luxury or special needs travel.

We take pride in our customer service as we believe in making your tour the most memorable one of your life. Our courteous staff will warmly welcome you upon your arrival in India .

Our tour facilitators have traveled extensively throughout India and have vast knowledge and experience.

We make sure your travel within India is planned safely and efficiently so you do not waste time only traveling and maximize your experience.
We arrange tours for individuals, couples, small groups as well as large groups. Our focus is based on the traveler's needs, desires and budget.

Since there is a lot to see and discover, it can be overwhelming for the traveler to decide, therefore we spend time with the traveler and together we decide what places and attractions to visit within the time frame of their tour.

There is no rushing from one attraction to other.

Before your departure, we spend a lot of time with you preparing for your exciting tour and provide a lot of tips on do's and dont's and also the travel requirements.

We strive to ensure that you have the opportunity to experience all that India has to offer. With our team by your side your travels will be organized, safe, adventurous and fun!